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When United Way became a client, they already had a comprehensive global brand guideline. Design by Jo accepted the task of creating unique marketing materials for multiple local divisions while following the brand guideline for maximum continuity and impact.  Thanks to Design by Jo, United Way of Elkhart county, won the 2017 Golden Excellence in Media award  for their Annual report & ROI. 


Annual Report Design and Layout
AWARD Frame Mockup2.png
AWARD Frame Mockup1.png


A subtle aqueous coating gave this annual report an elegant feel, without straying from the brand guidelines. 

Annual Report & ROI


We planned photo shoots with local kids from one of the programs that this particular United Way funds. The results were totally charming, and community donors loved them!

Custom Birthday Card


Each year, United Way of Elkhart County holds a cardboard boat race as their annual campaign kickoff. For an event this important, attendance cannot be left to chance, so we created a custom logo & used it on an eye catching event invitation that conveys the lighthearted spirit of the day.


The logo is then used on mailers, event signage, trophies & awards, shirts, videos, and follow-up marketing materials. 


United Way holds multiple events for the public each year. These events serve as a thank you to current donors, as well as informing them of upcoming projects & additional needs. We provide brand consistent signage for these events, from banners to posters to table flyers, which help the United Way team to spread the word about the work that they are doing. 

United Way Partnership Flyes

Flyers that help explain the benefits of supporting United Way to local businesses, and a graphic of the donor list, to keep from having to resort to an unattractive logo cloud.


United Way provides funding for many local non-profits. Most times, those smaller companies do not have their own branding strategy, and they rely on us to provide creative informational materials. 

Gr8t Beginnings Booklet


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to branding, we have plenty of those...So we just let our work speak for itself.