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Johanna White is an award-winning graphic designer and visual branding strategist who designs premium brand identities that create impactful first impressions.


As the founder of Design By Jo Studio, she believes that if someone is the best at what they do, they deserve to look like it! For the past decade, she’s worked with individuals, startups and Fortune 200 brands worldwide, helping them to magnetize their dream opportunities, clients and investors, and be as delightfully expensive as they deserve to be.

Johanna knows there’s no limit on success, and she proved it several years ago when she took life by the horns and started three companies within one year while battling a brain tumor. At a time when everyone else in her life was suggesting that she quit working and go on social security to cover medical bills, she chose to do the opposite and defy the odds. As a result, Johanna is now a “Dreamer Extraordinaire” for top performers, elite experts, and companies who are driven to maximize their impact.

Specializing in designing premium brand identities from start to finish, Johanna assists her clients in a large range of needs, with complete branding packages that include everything you need to show up in the world as your best.

Thanks to her “now or never” approach to life, she finds fresh inspiration from balancing work with play, and just as likely to be found designing her client’s brands from the top of a mountain with a snowboard strapped to her feet, or from a beachside chair in the Dominican as from her desk. A lover of experiencing life to the fullest, she spends her weekends on her motorcycles, ballroom dancing, or riding her horse Romeo as he charms the internet with videos of his latest tricks and sweet  puppy dog demeanor. 


Clients have come to know and love Johanna for her ability to constantly expand their vision of what they are capable of, capture their true value in an aspirational personal brand that takes them from best kept business secret to brand name, and then cheer them on as they level up with new confidence and live up to their fullest potential. 

These days, she is on a mission to help other driven founders fully capture their uniqueness, level up their legacy and embody their limitless potential. To learn more about how to brand YOUR best, book a free consult with Johanna today!

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

 When it comes to branding (and life in general) what you believe matters, but what you do about what you believe matters even more.

If you don't say it about yourself, and show it about yourself, you can't expect your customers to know it about yourself!

Excellence across all touchpoints equals brand experiences that matter! Your new brand is only as good as HOW you use it, WHERE you use it and HOW MUCH you use it. 

...seriously. You've been warned. Don't get her started, or she will talk about these topics ALL day...




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