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When I took on the Kalieāṇa project, the brand itself was still a concept in its initial phases of life. This meant that much of the brand identity was free to be shaped into whatever its lovely founder wished for it to be. However, the problem was she didn't yet know what all of her product or services would be, so we needed to design a brand that could be flexible.

Along the way, we also used mood boards & mockups of product & packaging concepts to expand her vision for what could be possible in the future. 

Product Mockups - Kalieana


During our initial brand analysis meetings, we learned that Kalieana is premium wellness brand for top performers on the go, with products and services to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter where work or play takes them.  

The name Kalieāṇa comes from the Sanskrit word Kalyāṇa-mittatā, meaning spiritual friendship. Like their namesake, they aspire to be a spiritual community that serves their customers with authenticity. Since they are enablers of personal growth, we began sketching process with concepts that included seeds, soil & growth. 

logo sketches


When it came to the logo, the main design request was that it needed to appeal to both masculine and feminine. It needed to show contrast, the hard and the soft both. Not an androgynous brand, but rather a beautiful duality, possessing great strength, without having to show it.

Starting with a unique font, we brought that contrast to life. Curving edges give it a feminine softness, while the clean, geometric & strong letter weight lends itself to the masculine. 


In certain areas, the branded 'K' forms a perfect stand alone icon. We provided the client with everything they need, to use it on anything from product packaging to a web favicon. 


On certain products, like the proposed skincare packaging lineup, the feminine style comes out in full force. The added texture of rose gold, and a bold paint stroke to add to the lux look and feel. 


The Kalieāṇa brand colors were inspired and derived from shades of green & lilac amethyst. Wild and free, but symbolizing friendship, healing & growth, the amethyst color palette evokes the heart behind the Kalieāṇa brand. 

brand color fade


When it comes to choosing brand colors, we generally recommend a single main color, along with some carefully paired accent colors. However, because of the broad range of needs that the Kalieāṇa brand has to meet, and the wide array of places it will show up, we decided to keep two main color options.

This choice adds a layer of complexity to the file handling, and makes the brand guideline a little thicker, but it also adds a the benefit of a beautifully diverse range of outcomes, worthy of representing the wonderfully contrasting Kalie. 


lux black business cards
Kalieana - blind emboss

With the contrasting design style, the Kalieāṇa branding works equally on both a lux black card, with black foil & embossing, or on a softer white paper with blind emboss. 


The following product images are a series of mockups that we created to help the Kalieāṇa founder catch a glimpse of the diversity that her new branding is capable of. As the company continues to grow and expand, we will revisit these aspirational package designs, flesh them out and bring them to life in their own unique style. 

product mockup


A clean and minimal design, but it remains soft and authentic.



On certain products, like the proposed skincare packaging lineup, the feminine style comes out in full force. The added texture of rose gold, and a bold brush stroke to add to the lux look and feel.


This concept shows that the brand can take a step back from the elaborate look of the lux skincare line, and back into the minimal and strong. 


As with any brand, consistency is key when it comes to building a loyal base of raving fan customers! Because of this, we set our clients up for success with an easy to follow, custom brand guideline that they can share with their in-house design group, or any external designer who works on their future brand collateral.  

brand guidelines - Kalieana


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to branding, we have plenty of those...So we just let our work speak for itself. 

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