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When you work with Design by Jo, you not only get great results, but you get a VIP branding experience in the process. You don't have to take our word for it though...


Expectations Exceeded in Every Way!

Working with Design by Jo has been so much more than I thought it was going to be. It was more than just designing a logo or thinking about a website. It was really taking the heart of what I do and showing it to the world in a way that I didn't even know I could. I wanted to go from ordinary, to premier and concierge - and boy has it been amazing watching that process happen. 

Johanna took the time to find out every detail about my business, and CARE about every detail of the process. Walking out of my brand photo shoot I feel like a million dollars. I finally feel like the true owner of an amazing company that will do great things and change the lives of many more people - people that we would never have been able to reach if it wasn't for Johanna's help.   

Health Elevated Logo Files_amy no icon white.png


Health Elevated, PLLC

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

As an artist myself, I really loved watching how Johanna worked to bring my brand together from start to finish. She wove my existing styles as a children's author in with my history as an artist to bring out my authentic self in every way! From my new personal brand style and wardrobe to the minute details in my logo, she dug into who I am individually, and made sure to see the whole me in order to weave it together into the beautiful final result.


And most importantly, she helped me bring my message together. Everything that was in my head over here and over there - she pulled it together into clear concise words so that I could convey it to the world. 

The Process Was So Much Fun


Author of Gumper the Rabbit series

The Experience Was Pure Magic

I don't know what exactly I expected going in, but I was completely blown away by not just the results, but the entire process. After the initial brand design phase was complete, I felt 1000% further along in building my business, and am way more comfortable showing up online. Jo is a genius with crafting the brand message and pairing it with the visual design elements, so my business not only looks premium, but I now feel like I have the right words to say in client interactions as well. 

I have never been happier or more satisfied working with ANYONE. I'm now obsessed with her work, and consider myself a Design by Jo superfan! 



Frankly Co.

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

Johanna is terrific to work with. I know with myself & my company's brand we are always trying to take the next step. Design by Jo has delivered in all facets of everything we’ve asked of her. She is the designer that can elevate your branding game. She’s not afraid to be honest and tell you what’s best for you and also listen to what you are wanting to accomplish. If you want to build a better brand. You need to schedule a meeting with her. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Jo for helping with JellieFish Productions and making our competition “jellie” with your rockstar branding.

Helped Us Make the Competition "Jellie"


Shawn_McDonough client review

JellieFish Productions

Delivered Far Beyond All Expectations

Johanna is simply amazing. If you are looking for a brand re-fresh or to create a new brand, she is the person you want to work with. When I began working with Johanna, I had an idea of what I wanted and yet I had greater clarity on what I didn’t want. She led me through the process – answering questions, offering suggestions, answering more of my questions and continued to take my words and emotions - crafting it into an integrated whole that is beyond my expectations. She is clearly an expert at her craft and also has the rare ability to talk, teach and question at the client level. Johanna’s joy in her work and in creating spectacular results for her clients is demonstrated in each product and touch point.


Kathy Brown - Testimonial Signature

GoalFirm - Business Strategy & Coaching

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

Whirlpool’s GCD team has worked with Jo over several years.  We continue to reach out to Johanna because we trust her abilities as a designer, teammate, and project manager.  She communicates and tracks design feedback very well.  She has an extra measure of patience when dealing with personalities and leadership.  As a leader, I find Jo’s workflow and process easy to follow.  Her design sensitivities produce beautiful compositions as well as the functional art, information graphics, and communication spreads that help our team move projects and ideas forward.

Talented Designer, Leader & Project Manager



Global Brand Design Director, Whirlpool Corp.

Delivers Exceptional Results

"Although I’ve worked with many creative professional in my career, Jo is one of, if not the best. She takes time to understand the need behind your request to ensure an effective outcome. Not only is she patient while getting an understanding but she is also perceptive and delivers an exceptional product. Her creative work with our ministry, Refreshing Fountains has allowed us to elevate our overall brand message of hope to all people. I will not hesitate to work with her again and recommend her to others."

Poncho Eddie - Whirlpool Brand Manager


Refreshing Fountains, Church of God in Christ

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

Johanna has an exceptional and professional way of bringing out the true message and authenticity of a brand. The approach and framework allows you to work closely with Johanna to ensure the attention to detail is met at the highest of levels. She has an incredible ability to read into your mind and design what's inside into reality. I am so excited and grateful to be working alongside Jo with both my personal branding launch and my current businesses.

I would highly recommend Design By Jo to anyone looking to level up there business and convey the real message and authenticity.

Aligns Your Visual Brand With Your Value



Kalieana - an Australian Wellness Brand

Constantly Exceeds Expectations

“Johanna is a creative, energetic, hard –working, multi-talented designer who delivers projects on time every time. Working with Johanna has been a delight. She has consistently exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend her.”

bill rieth photo copy.jpg


CEO, United Way - Elkhart County

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg
marc profile photo.jpg

Makes Your Brand Tangible

I have hired Johanna many times for design work ranging from mobile app wireframes to logo design. It's hard to describe how awesome it was to work with her without sounding like a paid spokesperson.


She has taken some of the most complicated, weird design concepts and turned them into beautiful, tangible illustrations.


What sets Johanna apart is her ability to deeply understand the goals of a project, and somehow translate that into something tangible.


Kilobyte Studios - UX Design

Worth Every Penny!!

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Johanna, owner of Design by Jo! I hired her to make a business card idea come to life and she was worth EVERY penny, these cards are incredible! She really captured my vision perfectly. Thank you so much!!!"



Pandoras Box Boudoir

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Johanna has the expertise, creativity, professionalism, and excellent communication skills to transform your business. She dove deep into our product, culture, and our vision then created a new reality and image. Johanna went the extra mile and guided the entire process from creating all new branding to making it a reality in an extraordinary new website. I was very impressed with her ability to take us to the next level and I highly recommend her!



The Toffee Store

Jo Gets us, and Jo Gets Branding!

I recommend Design by Jo for anyone who wants to get noticed. I recommend them for anyone who is in a niche and they want to be seen, and really shine in their market. And I recommend them for anyone who wants to look more professional and have a great brand. If you want to stand out from the competition, you want to work with Johanna.

Dave_Ravitch_Client Signature


Ravitron - Technology Services

White Marble - Lux Graphic Design_edited.jpg

My New Brand Made it Easier to Get Customers

Before working with Design by Jo, no one knew who we were. Now, one out of every two people say they have seen our brand around town and recognize our name! Our new brand helped us grow Armed to Paint in a big way! 


James Thomas Signature

Armed To Paint

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