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“If you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others will do it for you.” A great reminder...But as Southwest Michigan's fastest growing DJ service, JellieFish Productions has nothing to worry about in this regard. They know who they are, and have built an absolutely incredible brand around that authenticity! 

Every design piece we have the honor of creating for them is fun to dream up, because their brand is so alive. No matter what the design request, we constantly find a way to help them challenge the norm, raise the bar, and become the most aspirational brand they can be...Feel the splash! 

Suede Business Card with Raised Spot UV



Whether it is custom thank you cards, suede touch rack cards with raised spot UV, or their matching business cards with raised UV and colored edges, we constantly find a way to help them challenge the norm, raise the bar and become the most aspirational brand they can be ...Feel the splash! 


JellieFish Productions already had their beautifully unique logo when they met us. We took great delight in building on the watercolor style of the logo, and using that to drive brand consistency throughout all future design collateral. 

JellieFish DJ Services
Lux Business Cards - Raised Spot UV


Lux Suede business cards with raised ink


As a kick butt DJ service, we believe that the JellieFish Production brand deserved to be felt, not just seen, so we designed for maximum impact. 

Now, their first impression can make a lasting impression. 

With suede touch, raised spot UV & colored edges, these lux business cards were designed to bring the brand to life!

rack card - suede touch, raised spot UV

When it comes to event collateral, we believe in designing for high impact, or not at all! 

If you are a vendor at a trade show, you are one of many. Herds of potential clients may come through, but you can't count on the sheer number of them to guarantee new business, as those attendees will be receiving marketing materials from many of your competitors as well.

If you want your informational materials to survive the trip home, emerge from the swag bag, avoid the trash can, and result in a call to hire you… they can’t just be average.

They have to be UNFORGETTABLE. 

Event Marketing Material Design

Custom thank you cards serve a dual purpose, both making sure that JellieFish Production's clients feel appreciated,
while keeping the company top of mind at the same time.

Custom Thank You Card Design
Event Signage Design


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to branding, we have plenty of those...So we just let our work speak for itself. 
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