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Brand Guidelines - Why Do You Need Them?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Excellence Across ALL Customer Touchpoints Equals Brand Experiences That Matter!

Brand Guidelines

The Importance of Brand Consistency Across all Customer Touchpoints

Brand consistency is a pattern of expression that influences the perception of people about your company. If your messaging is consistent whether via design, words, offerings, or perspective, then your branding will become consistent too. Your brand needs to build awareness along with developing trust and loyalty with customers.

You need to build certain standards for brand consistency, be it offline or online. Get in the habit of applying excellence across all customer touchpoints, so that you make every brand moment count. Customers interacting with your brand should experience all the promises and values of it at all times.


Your brand's reputation plays a vital role in the success of your business. It defines how consumers perceive your company and whether or not they decide to buy your products/services. You must therefore do everything you can to ensure that your potential customers understand your organization and what you stand for.

The social network will play a key role in the development of your brand. Information about your company can be shared in record time with your target audience. Maintaining consistency in your brand's communication strategy is what will help your customers recognize your company. Perceptions about your company will be formed in the minds of consumers, with or without your help, but consistent branding is a way to shape those future perceptions with the way you wish to be.

Here are the top five reasons why brand consistency across all customer touchpoints is vital to growing your business.

Brand recognition from your ideal customers

Have you heard of the rule of 7? They used to say that it takes 7 times of seeing the same marketing image or message before the brain would remember it. However, in today’s fast paced world, where digital noise abounds, psychologists now say it takes about 15 times for your brand to embed itself in the brain and be remembered! And if you allow your brand to show up different every time, that is like starting over in their brain recognition.

Logos, taglines, slogans and musical samples help people associate an ad with a specific business, but customer experience is also associated with emotions. For example, if a customer has a great experience with your business, the music associated with your brand may put that person in a good mood. On the contrary, a bad experience could put him in a bad mood and reject any element of your communication (logo, colors, etc.).

Keep focused on your goals

To build a strong brand identity you will need to stay focused on the main goals of the business. Over time, you may be tempted to deviate from your goals. Maybe some things can sell in your industry but do not fully match your brand. You need to keep in mind that your customers need to recognize your products and services at a glance.

Maintaining brand consistency will help you avoid confusion with your customers and create much more effective future marketing strategies!

Build your brand with an involved team

Brand recognition is driven by the motivation of your employees. If your staff mishandles customer service, your brand's reputation can be shattered in no time. Having a solid plan for the growth and development of your employees can be a real asset to put forward in your communication strategy.

To maintain this brand consistency you will need to give your employees a specific goal that will build the corporate identity and be recognized by customers.

Strengthen the Identity of Your Company

When the same message is communicated repeatedly to your target audience, it is assimilated and gradually allows your brand to associate with that message. The basic idea is that people associate a positive image with your brand.

Apple is a good example in terms of a strong image: By simply visualizing the logo of a bitten apple, people associate the company with the high-end computer products that the brand can offer. This type of strong image has been invariably presented over time so that customers associate the brand with a positive message. This helps to consolidate the trust between the consumer and the company, which thereby builds customer loyalty over the long term.

Stand Out From the Competition

Depending on the sector of activity chosen, the competition can be very strong. Maintaining brand consistency has the advantage of setting your business apart from the competition.

Maintaining this consistency helps consumers associate your business with specific products or services. Elements such as logos, musical samples, colors will allow you to create a real identity.

Keeping your company distinct from the competition relies on everything from the font you use on the site to the colors of the shirts worn by employees. All of the elements that make up your business should be unique.

Think of the business as a single entity that must have its own strategy for growth. Refining your image will allow you to be easily recognized and therefore increase your turnover.

Brand Guidelines



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