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People Buy the Packaging as Much as They Buy the Product.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Each year, 95% of new products are unable to find the right customers due to inappropriate packaging, which does not succeed in convincing or attracting the eye.

Essential to any marketing strategy, packaging protects, stimulates the purchase, facilitates the use of the product, and certainly makes the difference. The first thing you learn when researching consumer goods is that the packaging is at LEAST as important as the product. If people don’t engage with the packaging, they will never engage with the product.

You might be thinking right now…well, I have a service based business, or a personal brand, so this doesn’t apply to me. If you’re about to tune out because of that, then you’re making a mistake, because...If you have a personal brand, then you ARE the packaging. So stay tuned, and apply these same concepts to crafting your image.


You've had a concept, you've designed a brand new product and now, you need to make it visible to everyone. Besides offering protection to the product, the packaging is also a real communication tool. Let’s find out some advantages of having innovative and reliable packaging.

Be Different with Innovative Packaging

With hundreds of products and as many offers available on the market, you need to stand out from the competition because consumers have a few seconds to give to each product.

This is where the packaging comes into play. If it is original and innovative, packaging can attract customers and make the product stand out from others.

Let the Packaging Speak for Your Brand

Packaging must be appealing as well as meaningful, as it will be the first thing that your customers will see in your product. The packaging carries the values ​​of your brand along with speaking to consumers on your behalf. It should convey all the information related to your brand and product.

Packaging & Purchase Intention

Packaging plays a very important role in making consumers decide whether they want to buy a certain product or not. Pay attention to originality, as it is often decisive for your customers. Grabbing their attention will ensure consistent sales and mutual satisfaction.

Great Packaging Paves the Way for Amazing Brand Photos

If you are selling your product on a website, beautifully staged photos involving your lux packaging equals immediate add to cart action! Those same product + package photos can be the source of unending content for you to use on social media or website.

Two Words: Unboxing Videos!

In today’s online shopping world, you may think that the packaging no longer matters, because your customer isn’t standing in an aisle trying to decide between your box and your competitors. However, these days a great package means so much more than just which product to choose. A unique box can lead to a unique unboxing experience. The kind of unboxing experience that influencers record, post online and rave about to their friends. Your premium packaging now just became fan building marketing in the blink of an eye.


Product packaging must meet several criteria to be effective. During the development of any design, one should ask in particular:

  • Does my packaging line up with the premium quality of my product?

  • Do I have a consistent product line? Remember that consistency across all touchpoints is key to memorable brand experiences!

  • Does my packaging add to my customer’s shopping experience, and thus add value to my product?

  • Finally, does my packaging make my customers want to save it, take videos of it, show it to their friends and keep it forever?

If you don’t believe that can happen, just ask any Apple lover what they did with their latest iPhone box. 90% of them will tell you that it is still in their closet.

Convey the Brand Image

It can feel difficult to stand out from the crowd due to tough competition. However, paying attention to your brand image helps the customer's perception of ​​your company.

If you wish to develop your brand image, then make sure to have a strong relationship of trust with your client. Create packaging that inspires desire for your product, and then make sure that your product quality and customer service live up to your aspirational new branding! Make EVERY brand moment count, and create customer experiences that matter.



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